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Canada closes down the Iranian Embassy in Ottawa on September 7, 2012.  Foreign Minister John Baird has ordered all Iranian diplomats in Canada to leave within five days.

Homa Arjomand stated, most certainly what this action has done is to put additional pressure on the Iranian  regime for its involvement in nuclear activities, for being a long term enemy of Israel and sustaining the conflict in the Middle East, for taking side in the Syrian conflict by supporting Bashar Assad, for expanding its terrorist activities through its embassy, and most importantly, for realizing that the Iranian regime operates widely in Canada by expanding its fifth Column  in Canada. Arjomand proclaimed that Iran furthers its goals through activities of some Iranian businessmen, bursary students, lobbyists and paid agents. The regime has penetrated the justice system and other public sectors in Canada She stated that, Another crucial element for closing the Iranian Embassy in Canada was the pressure by regimes oppositions and prominent Iranian womens groups  who have always been strongly opposed to the Islamic regime.  For three decades these groups have consistently informed the Canadian government of the heinous crimes against women, workers, youth, students, and in general the people of  Iran.

Homa Arjomand expressed, that for the people of Iran and Iranians who migrated to Canada, this action is only the beginning of a great movement to end the present of Islamic regime in Canada and worldwide. 

Homa Arjomand stated further actions against the Iranian regime is needed immediately as here in Canada there exists hundreds of this regimes lobbyists who are actively engaged in various public sectors, non-profit charities and cultural associations and are linked to Islamic Regime of Iran.  These people are trying hard to neutralize the consequences of closing the Iranian Embassy. These lobbyists have already started a campaign against the Canadian government by having interviews, writing articles, and organizing meetings. They are trying hard to indicate that this action is not beneficial for immigrants who travel to Iran frequently; While they are well aware that since the revolution in Iran, the American Embassy has been closed but still far more Iranians immigrated to the USA than to Canada.

There also exists high ranking members who immigrated to Canada. They have been pocketing huge amounts of public money into their personal bank account in Canada and they are now engaging in other terrorists activities.  Iran supports hundreds of terrorist organizations that operate through Iranian embassies globally.

Homa Arjomand stated Canada must identify all such lobbyist and agents of the Islamic Republic of Iran and expel them from Canada.  A good place to start would be to freeze their bank accounts.  All programs for exchange students from Iran should end and students already here should be expelled. Furthermore Canada must arrest people who are actively involved in terrorizing, and oppressing people in Iran and now live in Canada.  Such people should be tried in an international court.  In addition Canada needs to put all leaders of Islamic Republic of Iran on the terrorism list and freeze their assists.   

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