Closedown Iranian Embassies

 July 15, 2012


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A spokesperson for Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird on Tuesday July 10th, 2012 issued a warning to the Iranian Embassy that it”should not interfere" in Iranian-Canadians' choices.

Apparently this warning was in response to an interview with Mr. Mohammadi, the cultural affairs counselor of Iranian regime. In his interview Mr. Mohammadi stated that there are approximately 500,000 Iranians immigrants in Canada, who have strong bonds to Iran. He then urged all immigrants to “resist being melted into the dominant Canadian culture” and “occupy high-level key positions jobs”. He expressed that the embassy plans to extend its reach to immigrants by offering “cultural programs”, which can then “be of service to our beloved Iran.”

Homa Arjomand, the Coordinator of the International Campaign to Close Down Iranian Embassies claims, “since the establishment of the campaign, its aim has been to close down the Iranian Embassy not only in Canada but also internationally as they are known to be centres of terrorism”.

“We declare that while people in Iran are standing firm against entire regime, the regime’s activity through its embassies increased drastically. Unfortunately Western governments have ignored their activity and did not break all their diplomatic relations with the Iranian regime”.

“We announce that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the head of state terrorism and controls the state terrorism machinery in Iran and through Iranian embassies internationally. He is responsible for summary trials, Islamic retribution, execution and torture”.  “We further declare that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is the principal sponsor of the Political Islamic Movement not only in the region but also globally.  But instead of having him and all other leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran stand trial in an international court, astonishingly he was given the privilege to speak at the Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Denmark and in all United Nation Conventions.”

We proclaim that the Islamic Republic of Iran is directly responsible for terrorizing people globally with its daily crimes against humanity from Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan to Syria,  Algeria and Palestine, even in the heart of Europe and  North America; from imposing reactionary and anti-human Islamic laws on people, from beheading and mutilations, to planting bombs and mass murder in buses, cafés and discotheques; but not to our surprise, instead of arresting and having these criminals stand on trial in an international court, the regime’s security, intelligence and propaganda forces are given landed immigrant and citizenship in Canada, England, France, Bolivia, Brazil, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Ecuador and Venezuela”.


“We declared that the Islamic Republic of Iran is directly responsible for sustaining terrorism as a main tool in further deepening the national, ethnic and religious splits in the Middle East and keeping alive this conflict as political capital and source for its power. Despite of all this, there are no serious requests or even a proposition to expel the Islamic Republic of Iran from all International Agencies”.


“We announce that every one of the leaders of Islamic Republic of Iran, be it so-called reformists such Khatami, Rafsanjani, and Mosavi or hard liners such as Ahmadinezhad or  Khamenei, are  directly responsible for assassinations and executions of  over hundreds of  thousands of Iranian activists both in Iran and abroad; that defeating the Islamic Republic in Iran is a prerequisite for demolishing political Islam as a movement, aspiring political power in the Middle East. Without the Islamic Republic of Iran, political Islam will become a trivial and an insignificant opposition in the Middle East; But the world has witnessed that western governments have given their full support to so called reformists and put the notion of Islamic reformist on their agenda”.

“We declare that Mahmoud Reza Khavari  among all other high ranking members of the Islamic Regime of Iran who have been pocketing huge amounts of public money into their personal bank accounts in Canada and other Western countries, be arrested and have them stand trial in Canada and freeze their accounts . Instead they are allowed a safe and secure residency status in Canada “.

“Enough is enough, stop flirting with political Islam and its head of the Islamic regime of Iran. For the safety and security of people in Iran and global citizens, to prevent further crimes by Islamic Regime of Iran, the International campaign to Closedown Iranian Embassies expects Canada and all other Western countries to break all their diplomatic ties with Iranian regime and close down all its Embassies,” added Homa Arjomand 

Media Contact:  Homa Arjomand             416-737-9500      .


Homa Arjomand

Coordinator of the International Campaign to Closedown Iranian Embassies