March 22, 2012

Public Announcement

This is in response to Mr. Reza Moridiís letter to The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, dated 13th March, 2012. Mr. Moridi, in reaction to recent developments involving the Islamic Republic of Iranís nuclear program, has suggested that the Canadian government extends sanctions against Iran to force termination oftheir uranium enrichment program.

Mr. Moridiís suggestion for the economic sanction that he is proudly promoting will not harm this regime and its system severely; instead it will cause a catastrophe for people in Iran. The troubled history of sanctions imposed on Iraq from August 6th, 1990 to May 2003 proved that people will suffer more. According to UN and UNISEF, over 1.5 million people lost their lives as the result of economic sanctions in Iraq. Over 567,000 of them were children. Most of them under the age of 5 died as a direct consequence of sanctions, mainly from hunger and disease. By the time these sanctions ended, 3 million children were at risk of acute malnutrition. It is said more children died in Iraq than the combined toll of the two atomic bombs on Japan and ethnic cleansing of former Yugoslavia.

Surly no person of conscience would wish to repeat the dark history of horror in Iraq for people in Iran. 

But what can be done to stop this regimeís nuclear ambition and to bring this regime to its knees?  I wrote an open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and members of the Canadian Parliament, dated on February 7, 2010. The letter stated and I, on behalf of the International Campaign to Close Down Iranian Embassies, suggested to freeze all bank accounts of the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Canada and let Canada be the first country to put forward a resolution to the United Nation in this respect and pursue this matter internationally.  This action would put extreme pressure on the leaders of the Islamic regime . Currently, the leaders of the state serial killers known as the Islamic Republic of Iran, have been pocketing huge amount s of public money into their personal accounts in Canada and other Western countries as it is not safe to invest funds in Iran.

In the same letter proposing freezing these murdererís accounts, I suggested Canada break all diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran which means closing down its embassies in Canada and recommended Canada to be the first country to present a resolution to the United Nations High Commissioner of Human Rights and its senior management group in this respect and further more, to request expelling the Islamic Republic of Iran from all international agencies. 

These two actions, if it is enforced upon this regime, will be the beginning of the end of this heinous state. These actions will certainly be supported by the people in Iran who are standing firm against the entire regime, be it so called REFORMIST by the Western governments or HARD LINER.

All of the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran have thousands of witnesses to the atrocities committed by this regime and have a legitimate demand to bring these tyrants to trial in an international court. 

 Any rational person will recognize that the above solutions will be more successful than economic sanctions on the people of Iran.

Homa Arjomand

Coordinator of International Campaign to close down Iranian Embassies